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Spangler Reimers Roofing – Jeff Ochs

At Spangler & Reimers Roofing, we pride ourselves on treating people the way we would want to be treated. From our initial visit to the final job cleanup, we perform as if it were our own property. We call this "Our Golden Rule." We also pride ourselves on earning a profit in the service of others and not at the expense of others. We refuse to enter into any transaction that does not benefit all parties involved; this includes our workforce, the client, the company, the salesman, our suppliers, and anyone else that may be affected by the transaction. We focus on maximizing the value we add to our client(s) in exchange for a fair profit. We also believe in keeping a watchful eye on the broader market and constantly taking inventory of our assets and resources in order to be in an ongoing state of improvement. We hold ourselves to a different standard than the average in our industry - we are not average!

1021 E Murdock

Wichita, Kansas 67214

Phone: (316) 312-2885